Welcome to I Don't Even, the weekly bad movie night here on Insert-Disc!

When: Every Wednesday at 10 Eastern/9 Central/8 Mountain/7 Pacific

Hey there, I bet you are wondering what I Don't Even exactly is. Well, it's when we sit down every Wednesday to watch a terrible movie together to make fun of it as a group.

The movie is announced Monday, giving you time to find the movie in whatever way you may and then we get going Wednesday nights.

People show up in the IRC channel a few minutes early to make sure everyone is paused at the right time and then when everyone is ready, Kyle will count down from 5 and on "go" everyone presses play simultaneously. Then you can just sit back and enjoy the movie as everyone has witty commentary on what is happening.



You may be wondering: "Why would I want to sit around on Wednesday night and watch a really awful movie while a bunch of presumably neckbearded strangers talk about it?" 

The answer is: it's fun. Bad movies are a lot of fun, whether they are just simply cheesy action movies or low budget failures made by some guy with a camera and a vague "vision" sort of thing. Whether it's The Room or Bad Boys 2 or Birdemic: Shock & Terror or CSI: Miami, we're watching the movies/TV shows to have fun, yeah its sort of at someone else's expense, but we legitimately enjoy what they're doing. Nicholas Cage is my favorite actor, I love that guy. Yeah, I laugh at his expense a lot, but he's way more entertaining than a lot of other actors.

Plus, it's just fun to hang out with some other people and have a laugh.